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Ecommerce with features you would expect to find in solutions costing thousands of dollars. Solutions by 355 Data Systems are built on the Microsoft .NET Framework. You’ll receive an ecommerce solution with the performance, security and features you demand. Read more about why you should Choose 355 Data Systems.

Request your website today and let us supply your ecommerce solution or read more on our Ecommerce Solution Pricing or Ecommerce Management and Maintenance options.

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A Modular Approach to Ecommerce

355 Data Systems’ modular ecommerce design gives you the freedom to choose the features of your ecommerce solution. Start out with the complete package, or only a single module and add modules at any time. This modular approach allows your entire site to share common user information, a common database and a consistent "Look and Feel". Ecommerce modules include:
Ecommerce Base Features details
  • Base pages. The base pages of your website include your home page, a contact page, a privacy policy and an about us page. These pages are included with your ecommerce solution. Don’t worry about writing these pages, just give us basic information and we’ll take care of the rest. More on the ecommerce Base Features ...
Ecommerce Storefront details
  • The ecommerce storefront. Display your products and allow your customers to research and purchase items online. Update, add or discontinue your products whenever you like with an easy to use online interface. More on the ecommerce storefront ...
News and Newsletter details
Image Gallery details
  • Image Gallery. Use the image gallery to display your factory, employees, product uses and examples of your work, complete with image descriptions. You can also use it to offer free images that attract visitors to your site. More on the image gallery ...
Forum Features and details
  • User Forum. Create a community with your visitors and they’ll return again and again, or use it as a categorized product information or frequently asked questions section. Either way, you’re adding content to your website and that’s always a good thing. More on the Forum ...

For an example of what 355 Data Systems can do for you, visit one of our current customers who sell Wolf Figurines & Wolf T Shirts. This website includes the ecommerce storefront, news and newsletter, the image gallery and the forum.

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