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Online Training (E-Training) Systems

Online training has proven itself to be an effective, low cost method of supplying your employees and customers with the training they need.

The Benefits of Online Training:

  • Online training provides interactive content that is tailored to the users needs.

    Interactive content is able to keep the users attention and target only the information that is relevant. Participants are able to learn faster because they're not deluged with information that's not specific to what they need to learn.

  • Online training can be distributed instantaneously at a very low cost.

    Online training does not incur the printing and shipping costs of paper based materials.

  • Online training can track a participant's progress in ways that are impossible for other training methods.

    Quizzes and tests provide immediate feedback and the results can be stored in a database. The learner knows what they need to work on and the material is tailored to provide the needed information.

  • Online training is not restricted to a classroom, an instructor, or the time of day.

    Employees who are interested in advancing their career can learn "off the clock". By examining the results of the training program, you'll know who these employees are and what they're learning.

Help your employees perform to their highest potential. Contact 355 Data Systems for more information on how your company can incorporate an online training program.

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